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     So I started working at central station monitoring and my training is Monday thru Thursday from 8pm to 7am and the switch in sleep is kicking my ass. Last night I only made it to 4am but that was better then Monday which I left at 1:30. In other news I can't wait to go see The Dark Knight friday.
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And Harry says "Just do it, just do it"

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Harry potter do you need a hug

So I'm really excited for two reasons. 1)I figured out how to record music on my laptop which is awesome AND 2)...I made a solo wrock project! I've said this before but this time i've really become serious, I really want this and i've started writing alot of songs. So watch out for me.
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13 and crazy.

You get a year, and then tell everyone what you were doing, simple. If you ask me, I'll give you a year.

My year is 2003.


It was my 7th grade year and the Jr. High had been put out into the portables classes out in the High School parking lot. I also started Choir that year, I didn't really have an opinion of choir back then, other then it was an easy class and I liked to sing. Oh and I remember Spenser coming over after school everday and we played star wars racer revenge till we beat it. That was some awesome times then. My first trimester I got a 4.0. Haven't since but it's not a problem.


Hahaha, I was an awkward 13 year old and yeah zero relationships what so ever.

The only real big thing was that my grandpa died 6 days after my birthday and also i had a really bad case Bronchitus. I remember after my grandpa dieing that I would stare up at the moon and be out there for hours just looking up. That was also the time I started shutting myself away more in my room and not coming out.
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waiting on death.

So my oma (aka my dad's mom) was in the hospital the last do days after having a slight heart attack. The doctors ran tests and found three blockages in her body and put in three stints to help with the flow of blood in her system. Although now I can't the sound of a phone going off cause I think it might be bad news on the other end. BUT at least now I know she's safe and home now and that's what matters.
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Grr ugh and blarg

I hate waiting for things to happen. I'm always anxious and worked up when I have to wait for something. Right now i'm waiting for a confirmation to an RP site and still nothing even though I know the Administrator is ON. BAH GRR UG BLARG
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